So, one of my new adventures include homeschooling my son. He’s in 9th grade and I’ve been doing this for a few months. It’s temporary, but I felt it was crucial at this point.

High school should be exciting. Unfortunately, his didn’t end up that way. The reasons why I took him out of public school, I’ll post at a later time.

I only want to say, this new teaching method is actually fun. I get to refresh myself on some things. Two subjects I actually dreaded in the past are exciting to teach. It’s funny, because in college I only took the necessary science and math class.

As I teach him algebra, I actually remember the concepts I learned in college statistics. This is surprising, because this class was an emotional rollercoaster for me.

I love it now, because of my son. I have a chance to shape his mind in a way that will help him throughout his life.

I get to have a more present role in his education. I want to ensure he learns the necessary skills to become a productive adult.

I’ll be sure to write more about this new adventure…

One thought on “Homeschool Ventures

  1. I love homeschooling! So many blessings and rewards. I wish you and your son all the best. My son is a 9th grader, also. We’ve been homeschooling since he was 6 and will go all the way through high school. He loves the freedom of being home and on his own schedule. Anyway, best of luck in this endeavor to you. 🙌🏻

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