Prayer is a solution to all things for me. Each morning I make a point to sit at my spiritual alter. It’s placed in front of my bedroom window. This area is significant, because I love seeing the sky as it lighten. I love the rise of the sun, the drip of the rain or misty fog.

This start of the morning ritual clears my mind and ground me in self. Sitting in spirit speaking about my dreams and releasing any concerns to my universe. As I speak love into self through daily affirmations.

Right now, I actually feel light inside.

Despite, someone from my past reentering our lives. This person tries to uproot harmony, through negativity. At first I was hurt, by the negative perspectives this person had of me. But I remembered this person actions and thoughts reflect who they are.

I am hopeful this person will one day feel love within self. As self-love is the trigger to how we treat ourselves and other people.

Love, peace, light

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