Lately, dealing with customer service representatives has left a sour taste in my mouth. For starters, I was in a car accident this past November. The aftermath of it has become a sour adventure. After this ordeal I’ve learned to investigate, before I invest my money into things.
Unfortunately, I didn’t do that when it came to my car. I did walk away from my first car accident, but my car didn’t. I now suffer from mental red car triggers and physical pain. Most importantly I’m alive and truly grateful to my universe.
I want to say that, I will never use an insurance agent again. My own laziness to shop around for car insurance left me financially strained. Yes, each time my insurance was up for renewal. I planned to research better deals and switch. Well, I never did and it cost me more money. I had no benefit in tow and car rental reimbursement. This expensive lesson has taught me many things. The biggest lesson, don’t procrastinate on important matters.
I want to speak on another important aspect and that’s customer service. Sour mouthed customer service representatives, are taking over some companies front end. I have worked in the field for 20 years and excellent customer service is a pet peeve of mine. Unfortunately, not everyone feels this way.
My car insurance company has a gatekeeper that answers their phone. This person stalls you from speaking to the adjustor. I only spoke to my adjustor one time and she called me a month ½ later with my settlement offer. She was pleasant and professional.
I wanted to speak to her more often, but that’s not a spoken benefit of car insurance. The gatekeeper runs interference and stalls paperwork. There’s evasive responses and this person talks in riddles. At one point, I thought the gatekeeper was in my car accident too.
There are a few consumer questions I have for the gatekeeper:
1. How much is your bonus check?
2. How much is your 6-figure salary?
3. What is your percentage in the company stock?

I think these are valid questions for a consumer to ask. That way consumer’s like me will understand the corporate scheme better. (At least, humor me).

Customer service #tip: Smile when you talk to customers, as your voice will convey a pleasant and professional tone.

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