It’s not my story, but expressions from my view
As clouds litter the sky
As rain fall outside my window
Squishing noises woke me from my sleep. I checked my phone and it was 3:42am. I can’t interrupt it or make a sound. So, I lay in bed listening.

I heard the bathroom door being closed several times, next running water, then squishing noises, as soap dispenser was pressed. Once, twice, three times. I lost count… Several more times. Sink water off. Shower knob pulled. The vibrations of these rituals are vibrating off my room walls. My room is next to the bathroom. Once, twice three times. Shower running.

I think the number is 3. Water stops. Something went wrong. Sink water back on, squishing starts. Shower reruns. He’s humming happily. I pray he can go back to sleep. 4:21 am. It’s quiet. Water back on again. I fell asleep.

This is my sideview seeing someone suffer with OCD

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