Loved Nightly

Oh my

I’m so in love

A black sky serving as a backdrop

As clusters of stars

Rain down from above

Oh my

I’m so in love


Twinkling love from above

As blessings shower below

Creating a permanent

Glint in my eyes

Oh my

Exuding love

Out into my universe

Honor You

As I enter this day


Blissfully and luminously connected to you


Thankful for my life journey


In love with me

Feeling happiness and joy


Especially, on this day of birth

As I humbly honor you


My universe


I can’t wait to see the full moon tonight. Moon stalking is my nightly hobby.
I woke today with a daily prayer of release. Lately, I’ve been reevaluating my mindset, regarding people from my past. As I renew relationships with family members.
One thing I learned from my universe is forgiveness. Years ago a part of me was unforgiving. I realized holding on to hurt was clogging my spirit. I decided to release the hurt. My spirit cleared through prayer and self-love. It’s so important to let go of anger. These things will only hurt you more. Take back your power and forgive people that hurt you.

Moon Beams
As the universe release our full moon tonight. Enjoy the view and take a moment to release the things that no longer serve you.

Love, Peace, Light

Spiritually Aware

Prayer is a solution to all things for me. Each morning I make a point to sit at my spiritual alter. It’s placed in front of my bedroom window. This area is significant, because I love seeing the sky as it lighten. I love the rise of the sun, the drip of the rain or misty fog.

This start of the morning ritual clears my mind and ground me in self. Sitting in spirit speaking about my dreams and releasing any concerns to my universe. As I speak love into self through daily affirmations.

Right now, I actually feel light inside.

Despite, someone from my past reentering our lives. This person tries to uproot harmony, through negativity. At first I was hurt, by the negative perspectives this person had of me. But I remembered this person actions and thoughts reflect who they are.

I am hopeful this person will one day feel love within self. As self-love is the trigger to how we treat ourselves and other people.

Love, peace, light

Homeschool Ventures

So, one of my new adventures include homeschooling my son. He’s in 9th grade and I’ve been doing this for a few months. It’s temporary, but I felt it was crucial at this point.

High school should be exciting. Unfortunately, his didn’t end up that way. The reasons why I took him out of public school, I’ll post at a later time.

I only want to say, this new teaching method is actually fun. I get to refresh myself on some things. Two subjects I actually dreaded in the past are exciting to teach. It’s funny, because in college I only took the necessary science and math class.

As I teach him algebra, I actually remember the concepts I learned in college statistics. This is surprising, because this class was an emotional rollercoaster for me.

I love it now, because of my son. I have a chance to shape his mind in a way that will help him throughout his life.

I get to have a more present role in his education. I want to ensure he learns the necessary skills to become a productive adult.

I’ll be sure to write more about this new adventure…


As I woke this morning I couldn’t remember my dream. But I felt an important conversation took place in it. I felt more relaxed. Whatever I went to sleep feeling like was gone.

I feel my choices in life are clear. There’s alot of newness in my life right now. I plan to write about it here on this 2nd blog.

As my mind, spirit and body spiritually ascend I wanted this new blog to reflect those experiences and thoughts.

I even have different perspectives as my mindset changes. The above photo I took in August on one of my meditative walks.

As I look over the sun and clouds. My interpretation now:

Calm ocean waves
Craddling the light of the universe

What do you see?